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Selection of Organic Foods

Make every moment of your life more natural and carefreeWe’ve carefully selected a variety of top-quality organic products to satisfy your needs with 100% natural ingredients. Every product is cultivated and processed diligently and has passed the strict inspection standards, such as free of pesticides, fertilizers, heavy metals, and other harmful residues.
Please feel at ease to enjoy the delicious and healthy organic foods, regardless of snacks, dehydrated fruits, ready-to-eat meals, etc.

We stick to it——
We carefully select the ingredients and process the products wholeheartedly, even if they are the smallest thing in our life.

Taiwan Organic Dehydrated Fruits

The Organic Dehydrated Fruits are made of carefully selected seasonal fruits that are non-toxic. The non-fried dehydrated fruits are prepared through long-term drying at a low temperature without adding artificial flavors, artificial colors, and preservatives. Such a production process is to ensure concealing the rich aroma and taste in every piece of the dehydrated fruit.

Various Brew Bags

The Brew Bags contain a variety of original ingredients that are prepared by following the ancient processing methods to preserve the purest and freshest elements, such as different nutrients and fibers. You can brew them quickly and conveniently, allowing you to taste the natural healthy drinks at any time regardless of leisure and busy times.

Organic Coffee

Taiwan Organic Coffee has retained many natural and original ingredients and rich in essential oils. It tastes slightly bitter initially at the tip of your tongue, but will quickly turn into sweetness in your mouth. When the temperature has dropped to 85℃, the coffee will carry a faint sweetness and aroma of black currant and nut and a dense mellow aftertaste.

We offer every delicious and healthy little snack to satisfy your leisure time at any time of your life.

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